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Evangelize to Disciple…Disciple to Evangelize

“After they had evangelized the town and made many disciples…” is how Luke summarizes the ministry of Paul and his companions in Acts 14:21.  They shared the Gospel and then discipled the new believers.  Paul told them “about Jesus” and … Continue reading

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We desire loyalty.   Friends that always stick with us. Our dogs who love us unconditionally.  Family who always have our back.  We also know what lack of loyalty looks like. Another word for that is betrayal. Unfortunately we have … Continue reading

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Let the Generations Proclaim

We often think of our lives as being only in the moment. There is much wisdom in the idea of living in the present and yet there is wisdom as well, recognizing that we are not the first nor will … Continue reading

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Be True to Your Word

Being  true to your word is important. And being true to THE WORD is even more important. As many of us explore Joshua 22 we find the Israelites have completed the resettlement of Canaan and the various families/tribes are going … Continue reading

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God Does Not Want Anyone to Perish

God does not want anyone to perish. How about you? In his closing third chapter of 2 Peter, the disciple writes about the coming of the Lord, His promises and His character. In addition Peter shares how we are to … Continue reading

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Love Means Laying It All on the Line

The conversation as the miles went by was often interrupted by this verse, “Greater love has no one than this that someone lay down his life for his friend.” John 15:13  Then Richie Bowen or I would speed up in … Continue reading

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