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Want the Judge Do What is Just?

The A21 campaign (abolish slavery in 21st century) tweeted “one of our youngest survivors is a five year old girl learning how to grow mushrooms in Thailand! #A21”. “Want the Judge do what is just?” Abraham asked God in Genesis 18. … Continue reading

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I hate injustice…Always have…

I hate injustice. Always have! I think it is a combination of my upbringing, personal experiences, and knowing that God does not like it either. When people are exploited or when innocent people are hurt, it burns within me. I … Continue reading

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God is Just

God is NOT sitting in Heaven waiting to zap us! That popular image of God strays far from the teachings of the Bible. In Ezekiel 18:32, God says, “I take no pleasure in anyone’s death.” So where do we get this … Continue reading

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What Is Your Dream?

Martin Luther King’s speech in 1963 embodied the civil right movement. The famous line “I have a dream that one day…” is etched in our  conscience and changed history and human rights in the United States. We too want to … Continue reading

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