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Trusting in Life and Death

I have looked death in the face. I grieve for many.  I deal with anticipatory grief for those close to me.  As a son, I saw death come for my father as I held his hand until it grew limp. … Continue reading

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Jesus Changes the Cycle of Decay

We send flowers hoping that will brighten things up when a loved one or friend passes away.  There is usually a remembrance service within a matter of days and for many a burial.  Such is the cycle of  life and … Continue reading

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Why Am I So Depressed and How Can God Help?

“Why am I so depressed?” is a question that you may have asked yourself and/or certainly heard others ask. The psalmist in chapters 43 and 43 asks this question as he struggles with the turmoil of life that surrounds him. In … Continue reading

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Victorious Faith

This past week I shared 1 Peter 5:7, “cast your cares upon Him,” with a group of about 120 people who were gathered for the Katie’s Krops dinner that our church partners with to help end hunger in our community. For … Continue reading

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God is Faithful…His Promises are True

When God says it…it happens. When God says it…I believe it. Throughout the Bible there are promises made by God. In many cases we read how God fulfilled those promises in antiquity and continues to carry them out now and … Continue reading

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Look Around and Share Hope

I watch people…watch people. What I mean is I have observed people as they encountered or avoided other people. You too can tell when a group of people are huddled together talking about someone else glancing over in that direction … Continue reading

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Thankful for Hope

Remember the time you called out for the Lord to help you? You were at your wit’s end. Or perhaps the crisis you were in seemed overwhelming. Or maybe it was just a whispered prayer during the day bringing awareness … Continue reading

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