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Leaders Can Be Confident in God’s Power

Walking in faith!  You and I know what that runs through your head/heart as you take those first few steps. You wonder, “Am I doing the right thing?” or “God you got this …and me too!” In Joshua 3 we … Continue reading

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Overcoming Hard Times

Remember Hugo!!! In our part of the country we know when a hurricane is approaching. And even though the storm may be hundreds of miles away, we begin preparing for the disaster that may come our way. Some crises are … Continue reading

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Resilient Faith is an Enduring Faith

A friend tweeted, “Be Refreshing”.  I think that sums up life a lot and applies to our Bible Study this week on exercising an enduring faith in the workplace and in our culture. Peter, who was living during the time of Nero … Continue reading

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Focused Faith

Culture is pulling us in one direction. The thoughts of a friend sway our thinking. We read a blog/article and the point is well taken. But are these Biblical? Is our faith and subsequently worldview based on Scripture? For the … Continue reading

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God is Faithful…His Promises are True

When God says it…it happens. When God says it…I believe it. Throughout the Bible there are promises made by God. In many cases we read how God fulfilled those promises in antiquity and continues to carry them out now and … Continue reading

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