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I may be Nobody… but God makes me Somebody

“I am nobody.”  These were Gideon’s words when the Lord found him in the wine press winnowing his wheat hiding from the Midianites. “But I am Somebody,” was in essence what God responded with His instructions for Gideon to quit … Continue reading

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Are You A Willing Leader?

We get to choose what we want to do. We choose how to deal with a circumstance. We decide if we want to help someone…or be helped. We read the Bible, listen to the Spirit and align our lives with … Continue reading

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Be True to Your Word

Being  true to your word is important. And being true to THE WORD is even more important. As many of us explore Joshua 22 we find the Israelites have completed the resettlement of Canaan and the various families/tribes are going … Continue reading

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Facing Giants

I’ve been thinking this week about the giant things that I have faced over the years. We all face obstacles or go through situations that seem larger than life and cast a shadow of despair over us. What got me … Continue reading

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It’s About Serving

When you see a need what do you do?  I’m talking about the little things like helping a person at the grocery store,  or responding to a hurt that someone just told you about themselves. Or perhaps just leaning over … Continue reading

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Leadership and Influence

Think of people who have influenced or led you. Perhaps they were knowledgeable or persuasive or focused. We all lead at some point…and we all follow as well. What makes a good leader? Here are 5 things that make a … Continue reading

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