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How to plan a year of training in 20 minutes

Originally posted on Ken Braddy:
I’m a big fan of training group leaders. In fact, one author I just read in the last 30 days says that if you aren’t going to train your leaders, you shouldn’t bother enlisting them…

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Value People….Value Life

I have experienced the joyous birth of babies. I have been with people as they took their final breath. I have talked with people who were victims, violated and exploited. I have ministered to people who perpetrated violence and aggression … Continue reading

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Sharing Christ with Family

We all want our families to know the Lord and to live for Him.  How do we create an environment where our families know Jesus?  How do we share Jesus with family or extended family members that see us every … Continue reading

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Christmas Dedication

Dedicated. It is something we do. It is something we are. Baby dedication is a worship event that occurs frequently at church. Proud parents are eager to present their child to the church and to the Lord.  Such was the … Continue reading

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Bridges or Barriers

How can we build bridges with people instead of putting up barriers, especially when it comes to  knowing Jesus? In Acts 15, which many of us studying this week, we find a great example of how to build bridges.  The … Continue reading

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Evangelize to Disciple…Disciple to Evangelize

“After they had evangelized the town and made many disciples…” is how Luke summarizes the ministry of Paul and his companions in Acts 14:21.  They shared the Gospel and then discipled the new believers.  Paul told them “about Jesus” and … Continue reading

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Jesus Changes the Cycle of Decay

We send flowers hoping that will brighten things up when a loved one or friend passes away.  There is usually a remembrance service within a matter of days and for many a burial.  Such is the cycle of  life and … Continue reading

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