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Tips on Discerning the Will of God

We all are looking for ways to know God’s will. What does He want us to do? Does our will match His purpose for our lives? How can we know for sure? These are just some of the questions that … Continue reading

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6 ways to Embrace the Needs of New Believers in our Groups

Originally posted on Ken Braddy:
I recently had a conversation with a group leader. She asked a tremendous question about having new believers in her group, versus having them in a separate group for newer believers. How are we to…

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Do this each time you teach the Bible…

Originally posted on Ken Braddy:
Tuesday’s teaching tip is a practical one for all you group leaders. When you teach your group and guide them through a study of Scripture, do you point to Christ? Every time? Our tip today…

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5 Differences Between Teachers and Disciple-Making Teachers – Ken Braddy

Ken Braddy is spot on with this blog about teaching for changed lives.  It is well worth the read.  Even more so think about how you can help disciple people.  We all are learners…we all are teachers. Let’s stay busy … Continue reading

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4 Ways to Turn a Puddle into a Pool | Ken Braddy

Great blog by Ken on developing leaders.

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Come To The Table

The Lord’s Supper is a time of building unity among Believers. Recently at my church we had small groups come to the table together to be served. We have been doing this practice for years on occasion. These groups are … Continue reading

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Trusting in Life and Death

I have looked death in the face. I grieve for many.  I deal with anticipatory grief for those close to me.  As a son, I saw death come for my father as I held his hand until it grew limp. … Continue reading

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