Joy, Pure Joy

It’s been a few years since Sherry had seen Annette. Sherry was in better health then too. The providential encounter at the restaurant was a moment of pure joy.

We were walking to our seat when Annette called out to us. Sherry immediately recognized her and as approached each other they just embraced each other. After standing and just looking they sat down and it all started again. The love of seeing an old friend erupted from their hearts. The tears flowed as they looked deeply into one another’s eyes. It was pure joy.

I think about how reunions will be in heaven. I believe Jesus will embrace us in a warm, long welcoming hug. We won’t know what to say as we will be so overwhelmed by His presence and love. And then we will see our family members and friends who have passed on before us. The hugging, laughing and pure joy will start all over.

We experienced a little bit of heaven the other day. And is because of Christ that we experience joy, pure joy.

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