Value People….Value Life

-Bible-On-A-Picnic-Table-With-T-36856169I have experienced the joyous birth of babies.
I have been with people as they took their final breath.
I have talked with people who were victims, violated and exploited.
I have ministered to people who perpetrated violence and aggression against others.
I have been around people who were geniuses and people who were mentally challenged.
I have friends who have different skin color or who are from another country entirely.

The Lord is the One who enables us to accept people as He sees them. Throughout the Bible we read the message that God values human life and calls for justice and dignity for all.

This weekend many in our nation are studying Acts 16 and Psalm 139 as churches and our nation observe the sanctity of life. In the New Testament passage, the apostle Paul encounters a slave girl owned by people exploiting her for ability to fortune tell.  In Acts 16 ff we read that Paul called out her demonic spirit and that her owners were infuriated by this act. They were just using her for their own gain. It is sad to say that many girls and children are used by other in hideous ways.

Psalm 139 reminds us that we are wonderfully made by God. The psalmist says that God knits us together as babies in our mother’s womb. The words of this psalm are truly inspirational as they depict a loving God who in His omniscience knows all and everything about us. He cares from the moment we are conceived to the time of our final breath…and beyond!

What can you do show you value life?

  1. Take care of yourself.  Value your own life. You are wonderfully made. Live to your created potential.
  2. Take care of others. We all need community, friends and a helping hand. Reach out to someone who needs a word and/or act of encouragement.
  3. Speak up!  When you see injustice, do something. Act on behalf of those who cannot do for themselves. You may know them or know about them. Do something.
  4. Be sensitive!  Your words and actions are impacting someone every day that you are around. Value the people that are in your circle and lift them up!
  5. Pray and Respond.  Talk to God about the value of life and then do something. Love God…Love People.

In my Evernote folders I have one that says “I Value Life”.  In this folder are documents, articles, blogs that help me to organize and encourage me in my life journey.  It is my prayer that we will value life as much as Jesus does and be willing to give all of ourselves to demonstrate love to others as we value them.

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