Christmas Dedication

It is something we do. It is something we are.

Baby dedication is a worship event that occurs frequently at church. Proud parents are eager to present their child to the church and to the Lord.  Such was the case with Mary and Joseph who took baby Jesus to the temple to dedicate Him. They encountered two people, Simeon and Anna, who like them, were dedicated to the Lord. The story as described in Luke 2:22 ff continues to fill our hearts with joy as even then the Messiah is declared to have come for all people.

Dedication involves…

  1. Being a parent (or grandparent) who raises their children to be dedicated to the Lord. Speak and live out Truth
  2. Being consistent with matters of faith.  Mary and Joseph were committed to taking Jesus to the Temple. Simeon and Anna also were people who worshiped daily.
  3. Being filled with the Spirit.  Three times, Simeon was described as Spirit filled.  It was “upon him”, “revealed” things to him and “guided” him.
  4. Giving God the praise.  Luke describes the amazement, the worship, the gratitude and the witnessing that occurred upon realizing the reality of the Messiah.

Christmas is about the coming of the Messiah.  It is also about our reaction to His coming as a “light for revelation to all the nations.”  Luke 2:32.

Be dedicated to Christ!

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