Evangelize to Disciple…Disciple to Evangelize

-Bible-On-A-Picnic-Table-With-T-36856169“After they had evangelized the town and made many disciples…” is how Luke summarizes the ministry of Paul and his companions in Acts 14:21.  They shared the Gospel and then discipled the new believers.  Paul told them “about Jesus” and then helped them to “abide in Jesus”.

Evangelizing is easy to define because you see the results of a changed life.  Defining a disciple is harder as there are so many definitions as we seem to have different criteria.  The purpose of a believer is to share the Gospel.  A disciple is ready to do that.

  1. Are you telling others about the forgiveness of sin that Jesus offers?  A disciple who is abiding in Christ would be led by the Spirit to share.
  2. Does the Lord speak to you through His Word daily? Are you talking to God each day and sense His presence living in and through you? A disciple is committed daily.
  3. Are you serving the Lord by serving others in some capacity? Being missional is both evangelistic as well as an expression of living for Jesus.
  4. Do you have people speaking truth into your life…and are you investing in the lives of others?  We are always growing and should be helping others in their faith journey.

Discipleship and Evangelism go hand in hand.  It’s hard to be a witness if you are not walking with Christ. And it’s hard to walk with Christ and not want to tell others about Him.

We Evangelize to Disciple.  We Disciple to Evangelize.

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