Jesus Changes the Cycle of Decay

-Bible-On-A-Picnic-Table-With-T-36856169We send flowers hoping that will brighten things up when a loved one or friend passes away.  There is usually a remembrance service within a matter of days and for many a burial.  Such is the cycle of  life and death.

Jesus changed the cycle.  Jesus destroyed decay and death.  In Acts 13, Paul recounts the death and resurrection of Jesus.  He uses the phrase “decay” several times to describe that the death of Jesus was different.  He did not decay in the grave but defeated death and transformed into a new physical/spiritual body.  Over 500 people encountered Him for weeks after that event.  This event changed the world and gives us hope that we too will live on and not decay when we go through death’s door.

  1. We are all gradually decaying.  You and I both realize that our bodies are changing. Or we see others around us experiencing limitations of mind and body.  Decay is inevitable.
  2. The Holy One will not decay.  Paul cites the Old Testament (Psalm 16:10) as well as first hand experience in declaring that Jesus defeats death and decay.
  3. We have hope.  That hope rests in the fact that death/decay has been conquered and indeed this is Good News for everyone who accepts the forgiveness and salvation that Jesus offers.

Notice all the things that are decaying around you.  Some items are spoiling, some are dying, and others are experiencing atrophy.  In essence everything is changing.  One day you will have a new existence in God as one of His followers. The world will be changed into a new Heaven and Earth where we will exist forever with the Savior who defeated the ugliness of decay.

Jesus is the Messiah and has defeated death and decay!

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