Almost 88% of vibrant churches have Sunday School

Growing churches have “Sunday School”. The stats prove it. Check out this blog by Ken Braddy

Ken Braddy

If you think this is Sunday School, think again!

The words “Sunday School” cause people to react in different ways.  Some people have fond memories of their experiences in Sunday School. They remember a favorite classroom, good friends, a beloved teacher, or asking Jesus to come into their life as Lord and Savior.  Other people may have different impressions about Sunday School.  They associate it with boring lessons, or something that “their parents’ church” does.  In some places, Sunday School has gotten a bad reputation, and that’s too bad.  Sunday School is a significant ministry that teaches God’s Word, assimilates people into the church, shares the gospel, provides foundational discipleship, and mobilizes people for ministry.  And the research proves it!  Have you given up on Sunday School?  Don’t.  Keep reading and learn what’s happening in vibrant churches.

David Francis, Director of Sunday School at LifeWay Christian Resources, conducted a…

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