It’s time to start a new group when…

Thanks Ken Braddy for sharing some basic principles of group life.

Ken Braddy

Having had the privilege of leading one church I served to grow its Sunday School from 4o members to over 24oo members in just 10 years taught me a lot about the importance of starting new groups.  If a church is not intentional about starting new groups it will soon find itself in trouble.  For every new group you start, you can figure you’ll increase average attendance by approximately 10 people.   From my experience, you know it’s time to start a new group when…

1)  A group has been together for at least 2 years.  It’s really hard for guests to break into groups that have been together for longer than 24 months.  Relationships have been formed and life has been shared.  When a group approaches its second birthday, it’s time  to think “start a new group.”

2)  A group doesn’t see a steady stream of guests. …

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