His Love Endures…Forever

His Love Endures ForeverGod Loves You.  This simple statement has sustained and encouraged all of us as we realize the truth of who He is.  God’s love is fresh every day and is always available. While we may feel abandoned, lonely, or without hope, we can be reminded that the Word of God says that He loves you and me. And the actions of God through Jesus Christ show us that God loves us.   I am grateful that His love surrounds and sustains me always!
His Love Endures Forever!

Psalm 136 speaks of God’s constant, all compassing love that goes on and on.  The passage reads like  a song with a chorus.  The repeating chorus spoken or sung is “His love endures forever”.  What a great truth to wrap our heads and hearts around.

  1. “His” love endures forever.   God is love.  He is the author of  love. He shows us what love is all about through His Word and through the life and death of the Messiah.
  2. His ‘Love” endures forever . His love is perfect. His love is pure. His love provides forgiveness and salvation for any and all who place their faith in Him.
  3. His love “Endures” forever.  Life has its challenges. Friends may abandon you but God will always walk with you.  We can face anything because His love ENDURES in our lives and gives us hope!
  4.  His love endures “Forever”.  Day after day, year after year, God is with us. His loves never ends. Like the air we breath, He is always there and will be for all eternity.

As you live out this day, mediate on the psalm “His love endures forever” and let God’s love flow in and through you as you walk with Him through life.


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