Come, Let us Worship

come-let-us-worship-and-bow-down-1215141062974066-8-thumbnail-4Last week Sherry and I went to the fireworks show in our city along with tens of thousands of other independent, sparkle seeking Americans!  After an hour of waiting, we finally saw the bright burst of light in the sky and heard the boom deep in our chest.  We, along with the crowd, let out a long anticipated SHOUT of appreciation and joy!

The psalmist says we are the “shout joyfully to the Lord, to the rock of our salvation” (Psalm 95) . We’ve all shouted at ball games before.  In church services we often hear some “amens” and “yes” and  see lots of non-verbal agreement.  It is good to shout out to the Lord.  It stirs your soul.

How can we worship God?

  1.  Loudly as well as quietly!  God hears our whispers, but He desires our cheers, our hoo-rahs, our proclamation.  It is more than decibels. We need to demonstrate to  Him and others our loyalty and love!
  2.  Walking towards Him.  The psalmists says we are to enter His presence with thanksgiving. We must be willing to walk towards Him and to have fellowship with Him. Spirituality is a journey of faith with a fresh path every day!
  3. Bowing and kneeling are also expressions of our love for God. We bow our heads when we pray and some kneel.  We can use our hands, arms and our entire body to physically express our devotion to God.  Worship begins in the heart and spreads throughout our body to the throne of Heaven itself.

Let’s  have a sense of reckless abandonment when we worship God much like King David did.  Let’s also embrace a  sense of reverence before the Holy God.

Worship involves our entire being, heart, soul, and body.  Whether we worship alone, with a few, or with many, we know that  God is present.  Let us strive to worship the “Lord our Maker” and to “enter His presence” and receive “His rest”.

(all quotes from Psalm 95)

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