Got loyaltyWe desire loyalty.   Friends that always stick with us. Our dogs who love us unconditionally.  Family who always have our back.  We also know what lack of loyalty looks like. Another word for that is betrayal. Unfortunately we have been betrayed by close friends and to be truthful we have betrayed other ourselves.

A classic example of loyalty can be found in Matthew 26 where we can find an infamous example of betrayal. The setting is the Last Supper of Jesus and His disciples where they are observing Passover the night before He was crucified.  While one of the twelve went on to betray Jesus, the other remained loyal and continued to follow Him and ended up changing the world.

  1. Name three ways you can be loyal with friends.
  2. Loyalty is important with family. If you are married, think of some actions you can take to show loyalty to your spouse. What are some other ways you can show your support to family members?
  3. Jesus desires our complete loyalty. How can you express your devotion to Him this week?

Like the disciples, we often abandon our love for people and for Jesus. Being our loving Heavenly Father, He offers forgiveness. And beyond that, Jesus offers us guidance so that we can walk in confidence with Him showing others that we will stand beside them no matter what.

I’m glad that God is faithful and this His love is unconditional…and that He show what loyalty really is even to the point of giving His life for all mankind so that we might have the opportunity to choose His forgiveness and eternal life.

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