Easter Continues in You

Easter cross with white clothEaster may be over, but its meaning continues every day. Hope your Easter Sunday went well and that you are refreshed and ready to take up your cross!
Matthew 28 has a wonderful account of the Resurrection Story. Here are a few thoughts!

1. Jesus greeted the women with an energetic and very positive “Good Morning, or Greetings”…We miss the tone in translation but basically He was excited…and we can be as well as we think about His life in us.
2. Jesus (and the angel) both told the women not to be afraid. There are many things that cause me angst and through prayer and focus I find the courage to move forward. You can too.
3.  Jesus told the disciples to “go and tell”.  This instruction is good for your soul and maybe someone else’s too. 
Easter is not just a day. It is an event. It is death defying. Easter is life giving.
Easter’s Resurrection reality invades our human frailty and brokenness and gives us hope in the fact that Heaven awaits those who place their trust in Jesus the Messiah!
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