Too busy? You Can Change That

sorry busyWe all get busy with life!  For guys, work becomes all consuming.  For gals, it is often the daily care of children and balancing work, home and family.  What used to be most important has dropped down in the list of priorities.  Life is busy.

In Matthew 22, we read of a wedding parable that Jesus told the religious leaders that was filled with imagery, history, culture and spiritual insights.  In the parable the king invited guests to attend his son’s wedding feast which was going to be huge celebration.  The guests responded that they needed to go to  their “farms and businesses” meaning they were too busy to come to the largest celebration event of the year!

Often times we think we are too busy for God.  We get caught up in the demands of life and soon forget about the people that matter most. The small things have grown into larger things occupy our thoughts and time.

Some thoughts:

  1. We all get busy. How can you remind yourself that God wants to guide you throughout the day?
  2. Our marriages are important. How can you keep your marriage fresh and give your spouse priority time?
  3. Your family needs you. Often work overrides the needs of our children. How can you make your kids important in your schedule?

Life is meant to be fulfilling.  God wants to be a conscious priority in your life. Plan time every morning to get your day started with Christ, and then throughout the day, remember to speak to Him…and to your family.  When our priorities are God-centered we can schedule our lives and not be too busy for Him or our families.

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