Mountain Top Experiences

mountain top experienceMore than likely you have had a mountain top experience. The experience could have been while on a retreat,  at a special occasion in your life or even a crisis. Your mountain top resulted in giving you perspective on your life and you were able to make changes because of this inspiration.

We can find an incredible instance of mountain top inspiration in Matthew 17 and in Luke 9 when Jesus took some of the disciples with him on a hike. At the top they had a vision of seeing both Moses and Elijah and hearing the voice of God. This  mountain top experience gave Jesus determination to continue toward Jerusalem and the cross. The disciples witnessed a supernatural event tying the Old Testament law and prophecy together.

  1.  Recall a mountain top experience(s) you have had over the years. Remember what you heard, felt, and decided.
  2.  As a result of your experience how is your life or focus different?
  3.  Ask God to help you continue with vigor on your refocused journey.

Climbing a mountain is hard work as you walk uphill but so worth the effort.  When you get to the top your view changes as you embrace your new perspective.  The panoramic view from the top may give you a new vision on some of the finer details of life


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