What’s Your Secret?

secret-truthThe Biblical story of Samson and Delilah has a lot of twists and turns as this strong man was weakened by the persistent wiles of a woman.  You can explore  the story of Samson in Judges 13-16. It is chapter 16 that thousands are studying this weekend in churches across America.

Reading this account seems like something you would see in a movie today. It is chocked full of action, love, deception, murder, betrayal and the list goes on. The short version is that Samson abandoned his faith resulting in his capture by the Philistines who tortured and mocked him until in one final act, he brought the house down…literally!

Delilah could tell that Samson was different even beyond his physical strength. There was something almost super natural about him.  She kept inquiring and he continued to give her vague answers, never telling her that he was different because he worshiped God.  In fact, Sampson was compromising his belief in God and in some ways was acting as his own god

Here is a nugget or two I want to share with you that takes a entirely different bent of this story.  And it comes from the phrase, “What’s your secret?”

What’s Your Secret?

  1. Tell people that you are a Believer in Jesus Christ. Don’t keep them guessing or continue to hide your faith behind pious platitudes. Speak of Truth!
  2. Be more than a nice person. Be a witness. Share that Jesus is your source of strength day by day.
  3. Speak His Name. This is not about us…its about Him. Jesus  is the one who gives identity and purpose to our lives for eternity.
  4. Invite others to place their faith in Jesus for forgiveness of sin and salvation.
  5.  Lifestyle may or may not communicate the whole truth of God to others. Be a verbal witness.
  6. Walk with Jesus every day. Otherwise you will find yourself living in your own strength and when you are in spiritual conversations will give vague answers.
  7. Pray each day that you will be salt and light in a dark world.

We often look at Sampson as a powerful champion because of his hair. It wasn’t his hair that made him strong as it was only a symbol of his vows to God.  He was a person who knew God but began compromising his morals, his convictions, and eventually he was blinded by the things of this world.


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