I may be Nobody… but God makes me Somebody

somebody“I am nobody.”  These were Gideon’s words when the Lord found him in the wine press winnowing his wheat hiding from the Midianites.

“But I am Somebody,” was in essence what God responded with His instructions for Gideon to quit whining and to follow Him. In this great passage of Scripture covered over Judges 6-8, we discover a lot of truth about how we react when God wants us to do something. And of course we discover a lot about the Lord’s love, instruction, and deliverance.

Why does the story of Gideon resonate with us so much?

  1. He told God that he could not do the job!  We act the same way. We think we cannot do something for God.  We make all kinds of excuses and go to the point of demanding that God be crystal clear. Friends, 95% of what God wants you to do is written in His Word. Quit making excuses and start taking action.
  2. God will walk with you even though you may not think so. In this entire story we see how God is there every step of the way. His instructions to Gideon (and us) are clear and His presence is always with us as believers. You are not alone. Act with confidence!
  3. God has a plan that is bigger than you and me. We choose whether we want to be part of His plan. God wanted the nation of Israel (and all mankind) to follow Him and not be swayed by idols or oppressed by others. When we join Him, then blessings occur for us and for others.

The story of Gideon is one of God using an ordinary human being to liberate people from false religion, injustice, oppression etc.  What can God do with your life!  He can change your world and those around you.

Make yourself available to God and let the love of Christ fill you and work in and through you.


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