Are You A Willing Leader?

leadership-is-exampleWe get to choose what we want to do. We choose how to deal with a circumstance. We decide if we want to help someone…or be helped. We read the Bible, listen to the Spirit and align our lives with God… or not.

Millions across America are exploring the passage of Judges 4 this week. This passage reads like an action adventure movie of an historic account of God’s deliverance of Israel from her oppressors.

There are three main characters that peaked my interest.

Deborah.  She was an just and willing leader.  God used her wisdom and sense of justice to arbitrate among the people. Hearing from God, she sought out Barak who could carry out the instructions from the Lord. Obviously, Deborah was readily available as she  listened and obeyed God.

  1. Are you hearing from God?
  2. How are you letting God use you to impact others?
  3. How are you bringing justice to others?

Barak.  He was a reluctant leader.  Yet he came through. Deborah told him God’s plan and he insisted that she go with him.  Barak was able to gather the people into a force to fight against the oppressors. He listened to the strategy of gathering on the mountain waiting for the valley rivers to overflow causing the enemy’s chariots to get stuck in the mud rendering them useless and ultimately giving Israel the victory.

  1. Why can following God’s instructions be difficult sometimes?
  2. Who around you can you seek to help and encourage you?
  3. How can you exercise your gift of leadership and communication for the Kingdom’s sake?

Jael. She led in the moment.  The enemy commander fled into her tent seeking escape from Barak and his army. Jael was not a judge or army commander. But she seized the moment and took the enemy’s life in a dramatic fashion ending the oppression and driving the stake (literally) for  Israel’s independence.

  1. Why does God use ordinary individuals sometimes to accomplish His goals?
  2. How can you be prepared to lead when God puts you in a circumstance where you must do something?
  3. Are you willing eradicate the evil that may be in your “tent”.

The historic scenes described in this Biblical passage gives great insight and reminds us that as women and men we are called out by God to follow and obey Him.

Father, we pray that we will hear your voice and respond. Use us as leaders…and as followers…to help advance the Kingdom of God. Remind us that You are in the circumstances of life and that you will direct us. Thank you for leading us in the paths of deliverance and righteousness.


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