Change Your Circumstances

breakthecycleChange your mind and you can change your circumstance. Look at things from God’s view point and not from your own. “Set your minds on what is above, not on what is on the earth.” Colossians 3: 2

Often the things around us influence us and start us down a path of thinking and acting differently than what God intended or even what we wanted. We can become easily distracted and before you know it we have watered down or compromised what we truly believe. We end up hurting ourselves and perhaps others. One thing is for sure is that we often drift away from what God intended for our lives…a life of peace, joy and fulfillment based on a relationship with Him.

Such was the case of the ancient Israelites  in Judges 2 which is an overarching historical preview of them settling in the Promised Land.  Problems arose when they took their focus off of God and allowed the customs, religion and the people who rejected God, influence them. They spiraled into a cycle of indifference, rebellion and eventually repentance and deliverance as God would raise up leaders (judges) to bring correction and perspective. Many of us are studying this passage this week as explore the Bible.

How can we break the cycle?

  1. Set your minds on Jesus.  Every day we have opportunity to refocus our thoughts. If you are a Jesus Follower, then it is imperative that you do this. If you have not yet experienced His love, then ask Him  into your life and let Him bind your life to His amazing grace. He will  change your perspectives.
  2.  Be careful about the things that influence you. The media, entertainment, other people, cultural changes can all cause us to stray away from what God intended. Check those type of things against God’s Word so you will not go down a path away from God.
  3. Remember that “your life is hidden with the Messiah in God”.  You are in a eternal relationship with God and He is always there, when we fail and when we are doing well.

Stay focused, stay faithful and stay informed about the things of God by reading His Word, talking to Him and being with people who love Jesus!

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