Be True to Your Word

be-trueBeing  true to your word is important. And being true to THE WORD is even more important. As many of us explore Joshua 22 we find the Israelites have completed the resettlement of Canaan and the various families/tribes are going to their respective areas. The tribes east of Jordan had joined in the conquest even though the land they were settling had no opposition. They had promised to help the other tribes and had fulfilled their obligation.

Because of their faithfulness the helping tribes were given great wealth and blessings for their efforts. Everyone was happy. But as in all relationships, there were some misunderstandings. Upon returning to the area east of the Jordan the tribes erected a monument to God to remind them and the descendants of the other tribes of their friendships. Misinterpreting the east Jordan tribes intentions, the other tribes thought that they had erected the altar in rebellion to God. They sent representatives to investigate and discovered that the east Jordan tribes had erected the altar as a reminder of their faithfulness to all the Israelites and to God.

Here are a few insights from Joshua 22.

  1. Be true to your word. The east Jordan tribes had made a promise. They gave their time, risked their lives and helped the others to settle the land.
  2. Be true to The WORD.  All of the tribes of Israel desired to follow God. They expressed it differently and there was some confusion. Communication helped to clarify.
  3. We judge others by actions…ourselves by our motives. The Israelites concluded that the Jordan tribes were rebelling against God. Communication between both parties brought clarity and understanding.

This passage is an historical account of the final days of the settlement of the Promised Land. Yet God’s Word has great application in all genres of Scripture.  As you read the Bible, ask God to reveal to you His truth to the passage as well as application to your life. He speaks to all through His Word.

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