IS God for You or Against You?

choose-godMany of us have  explored the Bible passage of Joshua 6 as it describes the battle of Jericho. Prior to the actual battle, Joshua had a meeting that gave him a unique perspective.

The meeting was with a celestial being who described himself as “the commander of the Lord’s army”. Joshua bowed to the ground and worshiped the Lord but not before he asked this question. “Are you for us or for our enemies?”

The commander of the Lord’s army replied “Neither”. I think the angel’s answer give us great insight. The Lord does not choose one man over another. The Bible is clear that God has chosen us all. He does not prefer one individual over another. We in turn have the opportunity to choose Him.

God does not condone sinful behavior and there are consequences. There is also forgiveness. The people of Jericho did not worship God. They rejected Him. Only Rahab and her family were spared when Jericho fell to the Israelites. The rejection of God by the people of Jericho resulted in their destruction. Rahab chose God. The people of Jericho did not.

My point is that God does not practice preconceived condemnation of people. The answer “neither” shows that God does not condemn people from certain countries or ethnic background or even people who think differently than you or me.

So, if God has not pre-determined judgement on people, neither should we.



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