God Does Not Want Anyone to Perish

thankful-for-salvation-with-crossGod does not want anyone to perish. How about you?

In his closing third chapter of 2 Peter, the disciple writes about the coming of the Lord, His promises and His character. In addition Peter shares how we are to respond during these days of waiting. This week millions of people will gather to explore this passage in the Bible.  Here are some insights that you might find helpful.

(1) Peter reminds us that scoffers and deceivers exist. In verses 3:3-7 and again in verse 16, he foretells that people distort the Word of God.  In our day, we are more familiar with doubting the word. Read 3:16 (2 Peter) closely and you will see that Peter states that people were distorting Paul’s writing then. I believe that continues today especially with Paul’s writings in Romans as a tribe of writers/teachers have slanted his passages to a non-biblical teaching.

(2) Peter in this letter of Holy Scripture states the character of God when he says that (God is) “not wanting any to perish but all come to repentance”2 Peter 3:9.   This teaching is consistent with the entire meta narrative of the Bible in which God is providing “the way, the truth and the life” for mankind to have a relationship with Him. Jesus has accepted each of us and we have the free will to accept Him as Savior.

(3) We are to wait upon God living in peace and using the opportunity to share His salvation. In these final words in Peter’s letter he tells us about God’s character and instructs us on our own. First of all, God is eternal. Time is used by us to measure our lives but with God we will live in the moment with him. It will be glorious! Secondly we are to live in peace with others recognizing that salvation is still possible as we wait for the Lord’s return. We are to live in peace so that we can share this message that God is coming for each of us and desires that no one perish. He wants to give each person the full opportunity to accept Him as Savior, to state it again!

Peter was an eye witness to the life of Jesus Christ. He was taught by Jesus, saw His miracles, and experienced His forgiveness and love.  We would do well to continue to study these passages and understand the pure Gospel of salvation that Jesus brings to all humanity…and to share the love of Christ with all!

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