The Mountain Changes You

mountain-with-crossMountain climbing is tedious. I remember climbing Mt. LeConte in the Great Smokies and how exhausting it was. We were tired from the journey. When we reached the top, the view was spectacular and we certainly appreciated the hard work of climbing one of the highest peaks in Smokies.

We have all climbed some mountains in our life. Some were the path to great achievements, other paths were rocky and twisted trails that life has thrown at us.  Peter in his epistle to the church (2 Peter 1: 12-21) references the Mount of Transfiguration. On that journey he along with John and James, saw Jesus in His majesty. It was a vision that Peter remembered and passed on as an eyewitness account. Million are studying this passage this week and I pray that the Spirit will encourage you in your groups and on your pilgrimage.

Ponder this:

  1. Reaching the top is a goal. There is always something to strive for. In our journey of faith strive for something more. Like the disciples, we will see change when we reach our goals.
  2. The journey is what gets us to our goal.  Each step takes us closer and closer to the end result. You can’t wish yourself there. You have to be disciplined to keep walking. In this context, keep walking with Jesus.
  3. We encounter Jesus along the journey. Yes, the disciples saw something celestial at the top, but think about the journey with Jesus as they climbed the mountain. The conversations, the insights, the laughter and the joy of being with Jesus as they walked with Him was energizing and transforming them.

Hiking is hard work. Life is hard work.  There are mountains in front of us all. We have conquered some and perhaps we have succumbed to some. No matter what we face, know that Jesus will walk with us on our journey of faith.

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