Living in His Power and Promises

Peter in the-presence-the-promise-the-powerhis letter to the churches says volumes in just a few sentences.  If you recall, Peter was the disciple who  denied Christ but still followed Him through the night before the crucifixion. The Risen Christ affirmed Peter and told him to “feed my sheep” perhaps meaning to shepherd and teach the early church. Peter crossed over the religious/racial barriers and took the Gospel to non-Jews, admittedly struggling some with that, but demonstrating that Christ died for all mankind and not just for some!

In the second letter that bears his name, Peter reminds us that “His (God’s) divine power has given us everything required for life and godliness…”And in that power He has given us very great and precious promises…” (2 Peter 1:3-4).

For those who are Jesus followers, we have God’s power in our lives. Live like it!

  1. We can walk with confidence in the Lord. Be courageous in your daily living knowing that Jesus has equipped you with all you need for this life.
  2. His presence changes us.  Knowing Jesus shapes our view of things resulting in actions toward others (and ourselves) that demonstrate love, concern and mercy.
  3. We grow in our relationships.  We don’t stay the same as Jesus followers. Your life is being enriched and changed from selfishness to one of godliness, self-control and love as indicated by the list that Peter writes in the surrounding verses.

For those who are not Jesus followers, consider the eyewitness accounts.

  1. The validity of Jesus coming back from the dead is documented time after time and is considered by scholars as an historical event.
  2. The Bible is an account of people interacting with God. There are centuries of writings collected in the Bible that tell of God’s relationship with mankind and His desire to have a personal relationship built on forgiveness, grace and love.
  3. Peter says in chapter 1:16-17, that he and others were “eyewitnesses of His majesty” and denies “any cleverly contrived myths”.  And you and I both know that myths fade away and can be torn apart by scholarly examination.

Thank you for reading this. My first ask is that you read the passages that this blog is based on and that you study it. Many of you are examining this passage in y
our Bible Study groups. My other ask is that you live like you have the power of God in your life, with confidence that He loves you and is walking with you through life.

And pray for me as I do the same.


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