It’s About Respect

respectWhen you boil it down, we all want to be respected. We want to be treated in such a way that we feel valued.  And that also means that we need to treat people so they feel valued.

The apostle Peter (1 Peter 3) shares some great insights on relationships in his letter to the church. Already having addressed the working world, he now turns his attention to the home and encourages wives and husbands to show love, value, and respect to one another.

Here are a few nuggets:

  1. Marriage is a two way street. We must cherish one another to have a home that reflects Christ and is a place of peace and love.
  2. We need to think of the needs of our spouse. Marriage is not self-serving but rather giving of yourself to one another for the betterment of the home and to honor Christ.
  3. A wife’s beauty is seen through her inward spirit and character. Who she is and what she says has great impact on the thoughts and actions of her husband.
  4. A husband must cherish his wife and deal with her like he would a piece of fine china or stemware which is the literal translation of the word “weaker vessel” used in 1 Peter 3:7.
  5. When the relationships in our homes are in proper perspective, then we will treat others in the world with respect, not “repaying evil for evil” but giving blessings to others.

The “eyes of the Lord are on the righteous” and He shows us how to treat one another through His Word. Read the Bible with your family, value others and show respect to God and to people all around you.

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