Get Set…and Go

get-set-on-markWhile watching the Olympic runners recently, I noticed how they prepared to run. The few seconds prior to the gun they would mentally get in their running zone. Next they would place their feet in the starting blocks and listen for the gun. Then like a streak of lightening they would take off.

Many this week are reading 1 Peter 13-25 in on-going Bible study groups. In this book written by the disciple we find Peter instructing us to “get set”. His life had been transformed by the Risen Christ. If you recall, it was Peter who fell asleep in the Garden of Gethsemane while he was supposed to be praying with Jesus. Now Peter has a entirely differently outlook on getting set!

  1. Set your minds.  Be mentally prepared. Be prayed up! Imagine the task and the end result. Think through all the scenarios. Be focused and determined.
  2.  Be self-disciplined. Peter challenges us to draw from within to face the challenges. We must be self -starters, building structures and timelines to help us with things we face. We must take personal responsibility for our actions.
  3. Set your hope. We can hope in so many things. That’s why we must focus our hope on the One and Only, Jesus Christ. When we base our hope in Him and the His Word, our perspectives change and we are truly ready for whatever this life brings.

When we realize as Peter says, that we belong to Jesus we can be ready to go and do whatever He calls us to do.  Most transactions are done in various currencies and in that day, gold. However nothing was more valuable than the blood of the Messiah which was given to redeem us from sin, guilt, and death. When we set our hearts on Him, then we are truly ready to go into all the world and do what He commands…”love one another”. 1 Peter 1:22.

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