Change-your-perspective-298x300It’s all how you look at things!

Life is not an easy path. Things do not always go as smoothly as you hope for. Circumstances beyond your control impact your life and sometimes circumstances IN your control affect how you live.

In 1 Peter 1: 1-9, we find the apostle Peter giving hope to the early Christians who were faced with trials that often were a matter of life and death. Peter spoke affectionately to his readers reminding them of the love, mercy, and presence of Jesus who had died for their sins and who came back to life, giving hope to all.

So what should our perspective be?

  1. View things from an eternal perspective. As Christians we have hope that we will live with God in Heaven after we die. This view alone gives us hope beyond our current circumstances and helps us to face the future with confidence!
  2. View things from an outside perspective.  Peter was writing to people scattered throughout modern day Turkey. He was able to paint the big picture of trusting in Jesus Christ who was a “living hope” for those who felt fearful.
  3.  View things from an inner perspective. So often we forget what Jesus has done in us and for us. He has given us an inheritance in Him that is “imperishable, uncorrupted and unfading.”

Our outlook on life changes when we embrace the perspective that Jesus gives. Our response can be one of “praise, glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ.” We know that we are undergoing a spiritual transformation that impacts our perspective on our life. We can be confident as we walk into the future days of our lives knowing that God’s grace and peace can permeate our very souls, giving us His perspective on life!

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