Facing Giants

Finger over giantsI’ve been thinking this week about the giant things that I have faced over the years. We all face obstacles or go through situations that seem larger than life and cast a shadow of despair over us. What got me pondering this was the story of David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 17.  The story is widely known about how this young shepherd boy, who walked with God, stood up to the bully Goliath and defeated him in a one on one match up. God was glorified, Israel was saved, and David became a hero.

Here are a few insights:

  1. Be prepared. As a shepherd David was prepared for the threat. He knew that predators existed that wanted to bring him and his flock harm.Lions lay in wait crouching and waiting for that opportune moment to strike. Other giants,  are more easily observed. He had weapons to help him. He was always on alert!
  2.  Pursue the giant. David did not sit idly by, but addressed the issue. He pursued the problem seeking to resolve the crisis. In the past David had fought lions and bears and now he faced the another formidable opponent in Goliath. He identified the giant he was facing and planned accordingly.
  3. Protect others and yourself. David relied on previous experiences of saving his sheep from predators. Now David was called upon to save the army of Israel. Giants may threaten our lives and impact others. Action was needed and David responded.
  4. It may get personal. In the biblical passage of 1 Samuel 17:35, the Bible states that David “grabbed the fur” meaning he grabbed the throat of the bear or lion. Some giants force us to get up close and personal. Conflict often cuts to the heart. Keep perspective when it does get personal.

In leadership and in life, we face many giants that seek to defeat us. Some of them are people and some of them are situations. Some of them are only perceived. When you face a crossroads of decision or an obstacle, reflect back on these principles that we see in the life of David. And remember that his motivation was to bring honor to God.


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