My Dad Prayed for Me

FB_IMG_1466216467412My dad prayed for me…every day. He prayed for me and my brothers and as our family grew his grandchildren as well. He was a man of prayer!

How do I know? I saw him. I heard him. I experienced the results!

I remember as a boy waking up and walking in the kitchen where my father would have his Bible, his Sunday School books, and commentaries laying out in front of him. Often times I would enter the room to hear him talking to God about our family and other concerns.

Once in the middle of the night I woke up and found my dad kneeling in praying for my brother who was serving in Viet Nam. My dad was so deep in prayer that he never knew I was there. This picture of my dad earnestly in prayer has never left my mind.

As a father, I have carried on this habit and pray for my children and grandchildren daily. They have seen me. They have heard me. They have experienced the results!

This Father’s Day instead of expecting gifts from your family…give them the gift of praying for them daily.

  • Tell them you are praying for them.
  • Ask them what you can pray for them about.
  • Pray with them.

Dads, I encourage you to lead your family by praying for them every day. It will impact them for generations…and for eternity.


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