Released to Share Life

life-is-found-in-jesusHow do you know when to share about your life in Christ …or when not to share? That question runs through my head several times a day as I talk with people. Most of the time, I know what to do. Talk about Jesus!  Others times I realize that it is not best and to wait. And oh yes, I miss opportunities as well.

In Acts 5 there is a drama filled account of Peter and other apostles sharing about Jesus in spite of being ordered not to by the ruling Sadducees. They ended up being put in prison, miraculously  escaping and then returning to the temple where they could not help but to share. Of course they were arrested again, scolded and even whipped for their actions. Undeterred they returned to the people “proclaiming the Good News that the Messiah is Jesus”.

When can we be bold in our sharing that Jesus is the Messiah?

  1. Listen to the Spirit.  He will direct you!  Often you will feel the urge to just say (or do) a little something that brings Christ to the forefront. Follow the urging and speak the Name of Jesus in your conversation.
  2. Listen to the other person.   Listening with your heart instead of thinking of the next thing to say, enables you to know their needs. Now you are able to respond to them instead of trying to talk about yourself! Meet their needs by listening and then follow the Spirit’s leading to make the conversation about Christ and them!
  3. Listen to hear not just words but intentions. Words reveal what we are thinking. When you can discern the source of the thoughts being expressed you can respond to their needs and not yours!
  4. Listen for life!  Some of our conversations may be random, but most of our interactions are with people we know. Remember you are doing life with people and that means that we get to know them…and they get to know you.

In this passage the disciples were released from a prison that could not hold them. We too through Jesus Christ can be released from the shackles and darkness of sin that holds us back. His sacrifice on the cross results in the “forgiveness of sins” (Acts 5:31). We are now free to “tell the people all about this life” (Acts 5:20).

You are free to share about LIFE . Go do it!


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