Devoted and Growing With God

Acts 2 42My dog Gabe is totally devoted to me. He is excited to see me when I arrive at home. He loves to walk with me. And in the evenings Gabe is constantly by my side. He is a devoted dog! (Besides that he makes sure nothing gets in our yard!)

Devotion means that you are consumed or sold out. The word loyalty comes to mind as well. In Acts 2 we read that the early Christians were devoted to Jesus and to one another in their Christian walk.

Let’s look at what the Bible says they were devoted to in Acts 2:42.

  1. They were devoted to learning.These new Believers wanted to know the apostle’s teachings about Jesus. They desired to hear, understand and live out the teachings of Scripture. How important is Bible study in your life? Is it a priority? What are some ways you can enhance your reading, studying, learning the Word of God?
  1.  They were devoted to fellowship.The relationships among these early Believers were ones of trust and authenticity. Their lives depended on it! Fellowship is much more than a casual relationship. It involves knowing people and “doing life with them”. Think about fellow Christians who know you and that you trust. Does the Lord want you to expand your circle of influence with others?
  1. They were devoted to the breaking of bread.This phrase implies two things. One is that they ate together and the other is the reference to the Lord’s Supper. When the early Christians shared a meal together, they often included observing the Lord’s Supper. Food is a convener of people. It brings us together. The same is true of observing the Lord’s Supper as we connect spiritually with God and others. Who can you spend more time with over lunch or coffee? How can the “breaking of bread” (Lord’s Supper) awaken you more to love of Christ?
  1. They were devoted to prayer.Prayers of praise, confession, thanksgiving, intercession and supplication were all part of the prayers of our Christian forefathers. Prayer is simply talking to God and when we do that with Him and others, it releases His power, truth and forgiveness in our lives. Praying is a discipline of time and focus that helps us to bond with Jesus. Consider ways you can enhance your prayer life.

Devotion. Committed. Intentional.

May the Lord bless you as you walk with Him.


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