Empowered by the Spirit

witness in many waysThe Triune God is clear throughout the Bible. From Genesis 1 we see the various aspects of who God is and how He has made Himself known to us. Acts 2, is a significant Scripture passage in that it shares not the “coming” of the Holy Spirit but even more so the “power and purpose” of the Holy Spirit. We also understand from Scripture that on this side of the Resurrection that Christ lives within us when we invite Him into our lives.

In Acts 2, the Holy Spirit empowered the believers to share their faith in such a way that people from various nations, languages, and backgrounds all heard the Good News of Christ in a clear way.

How can you share the story of Christ in your life?

  1. Keep it simple.We tend to make the things of God complex. Basically He loves us, offers forgiveness, we receive it and He transforms our lives. John 3:16
  1. Find a connecting point.People relate to what they have experienced. Perhaps it was loss of hope, or needing direction. Maybe a crisis made someone sensitive to the things of God. Think about how you can relate His story to their life.
  1. Speak their language.We talk to children differently than we do adults for example. Recognize in others what their interests are such as work, recreation or family. Identify with them.
  1. Be authentic.As Christians, we are one beggar sharing the Bread of Life with another beggar. We are not better than others. We are humans offered salvation by the same Lord who loves us all and sacrificed Himself for everyone.
  1. Love the other person.Most of the time this is easy as the one you are sharing with is probably a family member, friend, or co-worker. Your life is already intertwined with them.
  1. Look for opportunities.Pray each morning that the Spirit will awaken you and make you sensitive to others. Listen with your heart and speak with an attitude of love (not debate) as you share the love of Jesus.
  1.  Follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit.You will sense the urge to speak to someone about Christ. That is the God’s Spirit moving in you to speak about Him to the other person. God is working. Join Him.

The Holy Spirit empowers you to be His witness. Be prepared to share the glory of God and His sacrificial love today.


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