Love God…Share Him!

acts-1_8When you love God, you share His love.

This Sunday in our Small Groups  we launch into Acts. Written by Luke, it is the story of the Holy Spirit moving in the lives of the early church to break through geographical, racial, nationalistic and religious boundaries. This is going to be an exciting study especially as we translate these truths into our lives and allow the Holy Spirit to work in us.

Here are a few quick insights:

  1. Are you a lover of God? Luke writes to Theophilus, which is Greek for “lover of God”.  When our love for God is the top priority in our lives, then our motives, actions, prayers and life is changed. Loving God is thoughtful emotion resulting in actions.
  1. Can you wait for God? Jesus, before the Ascension, commanded the disciples to wait “for the Father’s promise”, which was the Holy Spirit. Waiting on God is a discipline that will result in fulfilling and reaping all of what He intended. Waiting is not inactivity, but actively praying, studying and seeking the will of God in our lives.
  1. Are you Kingdom minded? The disciples were hoping for a different type of kingdom that what Jesus intended. Sometimes, we get ahead of God or want Him to bless our plans or we miss the mark and true understanding of God’s Kingdom. His Kingdom is one of love, service, truth, grace and hope.
  1. Are you intentional? In Acts 1:8, Jesus says that we will witness about Him in our city, state, nation and world. Often we need to travel to these places, but with today’s technology we are globally connected! The primary focus is to witness wherever we are which means to tell, share, serve and love others so they will know Jesus and accept Him into their lives.

When the Holy Spirit moves in us, our hearts, mind and actions change. Ask the Spirit to control your life today and see if God will minister to you… and through you for His Kingdom.

Invite a friend to study the Bible with you.

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