Put Me In…Coach

Which Super Bowl team are you pulling for this weekend? Both teams are well respected and have talented players. Their coaches have done an excellent job of play calling and strategy to get them to this point.

What about Jesus’ team?  Of course there were the original twelve who are listed in Matthew 10:2-4. They were a crew with varied backgrounds, education and motives. But Jesus was able to coach and mold them into a team that He was able to put into play carrying out His mission. What about you?

In the passage our church is studying Sunday, (Matthew 9:35- 10:15) we find so many great examples of a team working together for an end goal of transforming lives.  Here are a few “coaching plays” to think about.

  1. Jesus reminds us to pray for people and the players.Couching the conversation in agricultural terms Jesus says there is a great harvest of people. Pray for them and for those who are working the fields.
  1. We are a team.As believers we can work together like the disciples. Sometimes we can work in pairs and other times as a group. Partner with people and let’s get in the game of life together.
  1. Keep focused.When Jesus sent His team out, they were not encumbered with lots of superfluous things. The goal was clear, “announce this: the kingdom of Heaven is near.”
  1. Make contact.Jesus wants us to touch lives so that healing occurs, needs are met and lives are changed. We have to be in contact with people.
  1. Be a person of peace.One of the game plans was to find people of peace. You can recognize this in others…if you have it yourself. Be at peace with Christ, yourself and others.

This weekend’s Super Bowl is just a game. Our lives are not. Let’s pray hard, work smart and be people of peace who love others in Christ’s name as we declare that the kingdom of Heaven is near!


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