As You Have Believed

BelieveJesus is Truth. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus spoke truth with such authority that it brought freshness to his immediate hearers and to those of us who read and study His teachings. Later in Matthew 8 & 9, Jesus spoke truth with such authority that His power was seen in various healing miracles with people as well as nature miracles. Jesus is our authority.

This week in our Sunday Morning Bible Study we see how a Roman centurion approached Jesus on behalf of his dying servant. Drawing from both Matthew 8 and Luke 7 we read of a story of faith, authority, obedience and miracle!  Jesus crossed national and political lines to help a commander of an occupying army because he saw a man who loved people and honored God.

Here are a few observations:

  1. Humble yourself before Jesus. Knowing the Jewish culture this Roman centurion sent others to ask Jesus to heal his servants. The centurion approached the Lord with a humble and respectful attitude. We should do the same as we approach God and even others.
  1. Understand the power of Jesus. So often we discount the power of Jesus. Our faith limits our understanding of what He is capable of doing. The centurion knew that a word from the Lord would change the outcome of his servant. Don’t limit the Lord and look for a word from Him.
  1. Have faith in Jesus. It is only through Jesus that we have forgiveness of sins. His life and subsequent sacrificial death for the world brings salvation to those who choose to believe. As born-again believers, let’s now exercise our faith in daily life and express it to all we encounter.

Jesus words to the centurion were, “As you believed, let it be done for you.”  May your belief in Christ bring His peace, love, joy, and His abiding presence to you today!


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