How Can We Treat People with Dignity and Respect?

dignity and respectHow can we value life? How can we treat people with respect and dignity?

Across our nation this week, people are highlighting the value of human life. In 1973 Roe vs Wade changed the landscape with legal abortions. Since then Americans have been standing up for the rights of the unborn. As we become aware of the value of life, the list continues to grow to include the elderly, the abused, the trafficked and many others. We need to value humanity.

Jesus certainly did in that He provides salvation for all mankind who place faith in Him. Jesus values life so much that He gave his own life and conquered death and sin so that we might live eternally with Him.

In Matthew 5 we find Jesus teaching about the value of life and treating people with dignity. He is clear that He is fulfilling the law and not replacing it. He helps us see the motives behind what we do. Here is a quick list of areas wrongful motives that devalue human life and relationships.

anger, lust, power, deception, pride and the list goes on.

Here are some quick action steps to check your motives.

  • Ask the Lord to bring to the surface of your mind your motives.
  • Think about why you are acting the way you are.
  • Speak them out loud so you can hear yourself.
  • Pray for the right motives

May the Lord speak clearly to your heart and may your actions reflect that of Jesus Christ as you seek live rightly and to treat others with respect and dignity.

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