Are You Blessed?

blessedQuick!  Name 3 ways you are blessed!

It may not take any time for you to rattle off your blessings which may include family, friends, job, health or other similar items. Indeed, when we stop and think about it, we are blessed in so many ways. As Believers we are blessed in that God is present in our lives. We can sense our relationship with Him as He guides us daily through life.

In the book of Matthew, Jesus was teaching and stated that our lives can be blessed even in difficult situations. Interchanging the word happy for blessed we can count it joy when circumstances affect our lives because we know that Christ will sustain us through them.

Listed is a quick look at the characteristics and outcomes stated by Jesus.

Poor in spirit—inherit the Kingdom of Heaven
Gentle—inherit the earth
Hunger/Thirst for Righteousness—will be filled
Merciful—shown mercy
Pure in heart—will see God
Peacemakers—will be called sons of God
Persecuted—Kingdom of Heaven is theirs

As we enter into 2016, let’s give thoughtful and prayerful consideration to our attitudes, our character, and our faith in Christ. Living for Him results in our lives being transformed and impacts the lives of others as well.

Be a Blessing.

Happy New Year!!!

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