What does your journey look like?

Wise Men Still Seek Him_1How far have you come in your quest to “see” Jesus?

In the Christmas story we read that the wise men traveled from the east perhaps from modern day Iraq or Iran. These astronomers/astrologers/priests were determined to follow the star to see the one who was born to be King of the Jews. Over deserts, mountains, and other terrain these men and their entourage traveled on their holy pilgrimage. And they were not disappointed when they found Jesus!

The message of Christmas, that is God’s salvation, is open to “all people”. The fact that Matthew introduces these non-Jewish sojourners in the Nativity narrative is to make the point that we are to take the message of Christ to all the nations. We are all on a journey of faith but it is only through Christ that we will reach our true destination—Heaven.

Is your journey of faith…

…just beginning?  If so, then spend time each day with God through prayer and Bible study. These personal daily habits will pay lifetime dividends.

…taking a detour?  Sometimes we tend to go another direction than what we should. If so, turn around and get back to where you need to be! You can decide to make a change. Your will is a powerful motivator and coupling with the Spirit of God you can change your course. Decide and act. Let God lead you!

…needing some refreshing?  Read an inspirational book including the Bible. Sing! Get around some other Christians who can encourage you. Join one of our Small Groups. Serve someone.

Where is your journey of faith leading you? If you sense that you are not on the right journey, then ask for… and accept God’s forgiveness. Admit that you have been doing it on your own.  Place your hand and heart in His and ask Him to abide with you. Commit yourself to Christ…and He will commit to you!

When the wise men found the child, they gave gifts and worshiped Him. Their lives were forever changed. For you see, while they had brought significant gifts, they all paled in light of the greatest gift of all, which was right in front of them…the Gift of salvation for eternity. Their path led them to Jesus, the Christ, who came to save the world.

Immanuel—God is with us!


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