Thank You for Your Service

DadWe honor our veterans today. Many have received free meals, others have been in parades, and still more have had personal expressions of gratitude shared with them.

In a small group I am in, we have several veterans. Their years of service span three decades and 3 military branches. They have served in wars in the Middle East and in Southeast Asia.

I saw and heard emotion today. The emotion came out during a prayer thanking God for our military and for our great nation. Voices cracked, eyes teared up.  It was a heart -felt moment.

On social media today, I noticed a lot of “thank you for your service” posts. There were pictures of men and women in the military some currently serving and some who had served in the past. There were even pictures of fathers and grandfathers who had served. What a great way to honor our veterans.

Pictured in this blog is my dad who served in WWII in the European theatre.  He served for the duration of the war. My father in law had a military career and served in the US , France and even Viet-Nam.  My brother served as soldier in the Viet-Nam and was often in harm’s way. Every night we watched the evening news for the latest updates. I remember seeing the number of  US troops and Viet Cong who had perished that day. It was like a basketball score every night. —-I honor them.

We do live in a great nation. We do owe a life of gratitude to our veterans. We should thank them every day and honor them for their service for our freedoms.

“Blessed is the nation, whose God is the Lord.” Psalm 33:12

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