Want the Judge Do What is Just?

Girl holding mushroomsThe A21 campaign (abolish slavery in 21st century) tweeted “one of our youngest survivors is a five year old girl learning how to grow mushrooms in Thailand! #A21”.

“Want the Judge do what is just?” Abraham asked God in Genesis 18. The answer is “YES, He will.”  The setting is as horrific as the tweet above. My mind cannot comprehend the abuse and injustice that occurs today in our nation and around the world toward children, girls, women and men. Neither could Abraham as he pleaded with God regarding Sodom and Gomorrah. Evil has been part of our world since Adam and Eve and will continue to be until Jesus returns. As Believers, though, we are called to stand up against evil, deception, abuse and to offer Christ’s hope and redemption to a fallen world.  We are even called to offer forgiveness.

We get a glimpse of the evil of these two cities in Genesis 18 and 19. The Lord had heard the cries and was ready to destroy these cities. (Go God) But Abraham knowing that Lot lived there asked for mercy. God heard his request, but the evil was too rampant and the cities were consumed by fiery burning sulfur.

What can we do about evil?

  1. We can pray against it.Prayer is a strong weapon. It helps the one praying to get clarity as words and thoughts are shaped from biblical texts. God hears our prayers and responds as seen in this passage and throughout the Bible.
  2. We can work against evil.God calls us to love mercy and to do justice. We are to be advocates for the orphan, widow, foreigner etc. The Bible tells us that we are to treat others with dignity and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Lot and most of his family were spared because of the two advocates (angels) that helped them escape.
  3. We can avoid it.Lot and his family intentionally went to a place where evil was rampant and perverted. Sometimes we may find ourselves in a situation or circumstance choked with evil. Run, flee, escape! Staying will only cause you to get burned!

As we study Genesis 18 & 19,  I pray that you will see that God is Just and that He detests evil. Let’s be an instrument of God’s justice and mercy and not one who perpetrate evil.

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