What’s In a Name?

Hello My Name IsRemembering names is one of the hardest things to do…and one of the most important. You know how you feel when someone knows your name. And you know how it feels when they don’t. I’m glad that people care about one another in our small groups at SBC and that knowing one another, as well as God, is of utmost importance.

“I am God Almighty” were some of the words that Abram heard in Genesis 17:1. Imagine God saying that to you in an audible voice. Abram fell to the ground. We probably would too. A few sentences later God tells Abram that He is changing his name from Abram which means “father exalted” to Abraham meaning “father of multitudes”.  God desired for Abraham to pass on to generations the Name by which all men will bow to the ground.

What’s in a name?

  1. The names that we address God by usually speak of His character.Even God Almighty as quoted proclaims that He is the Majestic One above all others. How do you speak to God? By which names do you address Him? How has He revealed Himself to you?
  1. We must carry a good name.Perhaps your parents advised you not to tarnish your family’s name. Good advice!  Our reputation precedes us many times. Character and reputation are linked together. The things we say, our actions, social media posts, all contribute to a perception about who we are.
  1. Is your name written in Heaven? Jesus sent 70 men out to spread the Good News. When they returned they were full of joy. Jesus told them that they should rejoice even more so that their names were recorded in Heaven in the Book of Life (see Rev. 13:8).

God knows your name. He is the “God who sees” (Gen.16:13).  Let’s make a point of calling each other by name. Let’s also make sure we “see” the hearts of those around us and respond to them in His Name.

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