God’s Promises are True

Gods-Promises-Are-True-Can you trust God to do what He says He will do?  Most of us would say “Absolutely”. But our actions may show otherwise. We have faith in God but we also have faith in things we can do. Imagine how Abraham felt as he followed God’s directions traveling thousands of miles as a nomad, dealt with powerful pharaohs, went to war against regional kings and was still waiting for God to come through. After all decades had gone by and still Abraham and Sarah did not have their own children.

Genesis 15 reminds us that we can count on God. In this passage we read about God reassuring Abraham and demonstrating that He would keep His promise of making Abraham a great nation.

How can we know that God’s promises are true?

  1. Stop being fearful. God tells Abraham (and all of us) to stop fearing. Amazing how many times we read in the Bible to stop fearing! When fear steps in, our emotions begin taking over and our trust level drops. Fear and Trust are like a see-saw that goes back and forth. “Fear not” Genesis 15:1.
  1. God is our shield. A shield is used to protect us from the aggression of another. It deflects or absorbs the blows. A shield also is used to advance forward. It also empowers us to move ahead pushing through the obstacles. A third aspect of a shield is that is identifies. Shields have colors and symbols on them to let people know whose side you are on. “I am your shield.” Genesis 15:1
  2. God promises may take time. Be patient. God had spoken to Abraham previously and again in Genesis 15, God reminds Abraham of the bigger picture. Some promises are immediately fulfilled and others promises come together over time. Offspring as numerous as the sky would take generations to fulfill for Abraham and Sarah. Be patient. Genesis 15:12-16
  3. Often there may be a sign of God’s promise. And then again…not. In Genesis 15:17 we see God covenanted with Abraham in a very visual way. Outward signs can be reassuring but so can that inner peace that God gives through prayer and Scripture. Abide with Him and let His Word bring you peace.
  1. When we believe, He counts it as righteous!  Abraham’s trust in God’s promise resulted in God recognizing Abraham’s faith and declaring him in right standing with a holy God. This verse (Genesis 15:6) is quoted several times in the New Testament as a reminder that our trust and His righteousness are elements of the right combination for knowing God. We cannot make ourselves pure before God…only He can do that through the cross of Christ.

God’s promises are found throughout the Bible. He is faithful in carrying out His Word. What have you promised God?  Can He count on you? I pray that you have promised Him your life. Abraham was faithful. Your faith and Christ’s salvation grace in your life will carry you into a life of following the One whose promises abundant life!

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