Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

eyes-on-the-prizeIn a conversation this past week,  someone said, “keep your eye on the prize.” I have been thinking about that phrase and its implications.

In a spiritual sense, it reminds us to keep our focus on Jesus. So often, we tend to look at life’s circumstances, all that it brings and regretfully leave Jesus out of the picture. You and I both know that when we take our issues to Him, we gain a whole new perspective and outlook.

Staying focused on Christ Jesus is a daily discipline that includes, reading His Word and talking to Him. Often we can help each other to do this via our  relationships in our Small Groups.

Let’s strive to encourage each other, pray for one another and keep Jesus at the center of who we are and all we do!

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1 Response to Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

  1. lookinhard73 says:

    Very helpful information, thanks for sharing.


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