God Calls to a Life of Adventure

follow me in scriptureGod is calling. Do you hear Him? Perhaps His message is to receive Him as Savior. Or if you are a Believer, then perhaps it is to draw closer to Him or to undertake some ministry that will help to reach another person.

God called Abraham in Genesis 12 to follow Him. Yes there was a specific task that God had in mind. Abraham’s obedience resulted in a lifetime of faithful service. Of course Abraham (or Abram) was human and made mistakes, but the Bible records Abraham as a faithful servant of the Lord who spent his life honoring God.

What does it mean to follow God?

  1. Following God results in His promises bearing fruit in your life! Abraham left his country, culture, and community. Following God definitely means changes in how you live. Sometimes it impacts where you live and those you are around. God produced much fruit because of Abraham including generations of people who know the Lord.
  2. Following God means listening and watching to see where God is working. We don’t know exactly how God called out to Abraham. In some instances God had Abraham look at the stars “as the word of the Lord came to him”. In another instance, someone approached Abraham and spoke truth to him. God also worked through circumstances as Abraham traveled off to Egypt. The key is to make sure God is speaking. You can always verify His calling through the Word. God wants you to hear and see Him, and then join Him in His work.
  1. Following God means going for the long haul. As we read about the life of Abraham, we see that God called out to him over his entire life. God did not just speak to him one time. Abraham followed God over all his years and also thousands of miles and numerous experiences. When we trust God with our life, he takes us on the greatest adventure ever.

Jesus said to common men, “Come follow me. Come and see”. They followed him and lives were changed. He extends the same invitation to you as well. When we follow Jesus our lives are transformed. Jesus calls. How will you answer?

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