Reaching Up to God

reaching2godOne of the ministries in our church is teaching English as a Second Language. This ministry known as World Friends has bridged the language barrier and helped scores of people from every continent to learn English. Some have even become US citizens.

Language can unite us or divide us. In Genesis 11 we read about the Tower of Babel and how man was building a tower to the heavens in this vast city. Instead of scattering as God instructed, mankind was gathering in a city and began building a ziggurat or tower. The thought was the higher the tower, the better chances that the gods would hear them. The One True God knew the prideful heart of man and confused the languages according to the various tribes of people. Eventually they left the city and settled in other parts of the world.

How can we reach God?

  1. Open your hands.God is reaching toward you and wants you to grasp His hand in return. God’s desire is to walk hand in hand with you through life. He will never let go. He will always be close by.
  1. Open your heart.We often use this phrase to signify receiving Christ into our lives. While certainly that is true, let’s go deeper. Opening our heart to God means allowing Him access to every part of our life. That is a willful decision on our part. It also means having His heart which is full of compassion and love.
  1. Open your eyes.  Look up, look around, look inside. God is obvious. He reveals Himself through creation and you can get to know him even more as you look into His Word.  Focus on seeing God at work and join Him. Look at others as God sees them.

Maybe the question is “How can God reach you?”  He desires to have a relationship with you. The Bible says that even when you didn’t know Him, He loved you and gave His life for you. His forgiveness awaits you.

Talk to God, he will understand everything you have to say. Reach up to Him!

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