Sometimes we fall…but God picks us up!

god-images-hope-futureChoices bring results. Sinful choices changes things and people. Righteous and wise choices can also change things and people. The Bible helps us understand why we make poor choices in Genesis 3.

For centuries mankind has been reading this theological account of an event that happened in the Garden of Eden. Everything was perfect until the serpent spoke to Eve appealing to her physical senses. You know the story of Adam and Eve eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil thus causing the fall of humanity.

Why do we fall into sin?

  1. We quit listening with our heart.Eve and Adam loved God the Creator. Their hearts were pure. Instead they caved into the physical cravings of their appetite, the beauty of the fruit because of its appearance and the ability the fruit had to “make one wise.”
  1. We quit listening to God. The word of God is true. The sly serpent changed the things that God said and fooled the couple into thinking that they could be like God. How many times have you heard half-truths and believed them?
  1. We quit trusting God to care for us.  Eve took matters (literally) into her hands and Adam was right there with her as they sought independence from God’s care. How often do we think we can be self-sufficient and not need God at all?

How does God forgive and restore us?

  1. God looks for you! After Adam and Eve had sinned, God still came looking for them. He knows what is going on in your life and mine. And still He wants to have a relationship with us.
  1. God speaks directly to you! God addressed both Adam and Eve letting them know of the consequences of their action but also offering some hope.
  1. God provides forgiveness! In Genesis 3:15, God speaks of the One who would come to die for our sins, Jesus Christ. Already in Genesis we see the prophecy and provision of God as He announces the victory over sin and death that is found in Jesus Christ.

We have fallen. But we can get back up…with God’s help. There is no sin that He is unable to forgive except rejection of Him. Ask God right now to cleanse you and to restore your relationship with Him. He doesn’t desire a broken relationship with you but rather a relationship that is built on love, obedience, and forgiveness. After all He created us for His glory and for fellowship with Him.

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